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We know you love stress and having tons of stuff on your to-do list!

Below is our handy guide on how to keep selling less while doing more work for your fitness business!

“Jellyfish-Eye View” of your business

What’s so special about having a “birds-eye view” of your most important sales and business data? … On second thought, that does seem kinda important...

Whatever. We prefer the “Jellyfish-Eye View” because jellyfish don’t have eyes and we think that’s pretty cool.


The “Sticky Note Follow-Up System”

Never forget a lead!... Wait, where’s the sticky note for the person who just came in for a tour? It was just here on the desk. Did someone put it in the trash? BRB.


Paper & Clipboard Waivers

“I’d rather be data entering!” We’ve all seen the bumper stickers, but there’s a reason why data entry is so popular… it works!*

*Like, well, it works in that you HAVE to do it if that’s how you do things. We suppose you could automate it with a digital guest waiver, but where’s the fun in that?


Dialin’ Blind

Where's the fun in logging call history? It's more fun just to randomly call leads. Is this the first time you're calling this lead or the 10th? Did Carl at the front desk call them 20-minutes ago? Did this person move 1,000 miles away? How can you know if you don’t call and ask your potential client? After all, everyone loves receiving the same call twice!


We promise the tactics above will keep you selling less and doing more… however…

If for some reason you want a system that can help you:

  1. 1. Automate a lot of your daily tasks.
  2. 2. Generate more revenue.
  3. 3. Get and keep more clients.

We suggest Club OS. It’s not class scheduling software, it’s “back of house” software that focuses solely on generating revenue.