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GymPhone is the solution to the missed phone calls you are receiving everyday. Club OS is the solution to the unorganized sales process. Together, they create quite a duo.

Over 75% of callers won’t leave a voicemail.
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According to GymPhone, only 25% of callers will leave a voicemail. That means if you miss 4 phone calls, only one of them will leave their information. That is 3 sources of revenue lost due to a missed call.


To alleviate the stress on a small sales team, or even a big one, GymPhone now answers your calls with prompt, on-brand responses to the questions your prospects need answers to.


Once that call is answered, GymPhone adds the prospect information into Club OS so your salesperson can follow-up without missing a beat. From there, Club OS handles the sales process with follow-up schedules, scripting, text messaging, email marketing and more.


Together, Club OS and GymPhone ensure that no lead falls through the cracks and that you aren’t missing out on a single revenue stream.


According to GymPhone, 30% of the calls they answer are prospects. Don’t let one missed call or one unanswered follow-up be the difference between a good business and a great business.

GymPhone turns your would be voicemails into sales. We back you up so you can say hello to more members.
Club OS is a lead and member management system that handles all of your health club sales, marketing, and retention needs. From in-depth reporting to automated follow-ups, we help you “Sell More. Do Less.”